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Welcome to POB's Pyro

"As a seasoned firework reviewer I have used my knowledge and experience to bring in only the best fireworks for value and entertainment, keeping prices down by specialising in online retail and local professional displays. But don't let the online-only presence mislead you: in addition to reviewing fireworks and putting on displays, I've also been a repeat customer of fireworks across the country and aim to bring a standard of customer service to you that I would expect for myself. If you have any queries at all I'm more than happy to help."

Pete O'Brien MRSC (Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry),

POB's Pyro and Full Effect Fireworks founder and director of operations, email: pete@pobspyro.co.uk



Our product and pricing

We ourselves prefer being customers to energy companies, broadband providers etc. etc. that treat their customers with honesty and respect. Therefore it is only right that we offer our own customers the best customer service we can to match our own high standards!

For example, we don't show the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of a product as the RRP could be set by the manufacturer at £80 with a target selling price of £40, making it look like you're getting a product half price when in actually you're not - it's just the original price is set twice as high to show a fake reduction. We also don't do psychological pricing, i.e. £39.99, as this plays on peoples thoughts that it's £30 something instead of £40.

Finally we want you to be happy with the product you buy. For example we try and avoid products that have been "puffed up" with extra packaging to make the product look larger than it needs to be. Some fireworks, such as fanned fireworks, need to be larger for their angled tubes or for stability, but unfortunately there are some that are needlessly enlarged and will be outperformed by smaller products!


Returning customers

We highly value customers that return to us. That's why we offer 10% off for all returning customers that leave us and our product(s) a review.

You can review us on Google here or Trustpilot here.

Let us know if you've reviewed us and we'll send you your very own discount code. And you will receive the same discount whether your review is positive or negative - if our service or products weren't up to your expectations then we want to know about it so we can improve, and equally if we did well it's always nice to know :)


Honesty is key - we want you to come back time and time again!


You can view reviews of us on Google and Yell.com or see below for some feedback from our customers:

  • "I recently got married and was looking for a small 5 minute display as a step over from the day to the evening celebration. Peter correlated a programme, sourced and supplied various types of fireworks. The results were outstanding, it brought oooh's and ahh's from my guest. I highly recommend Peter, professional throughout and at a price that didn't leave tears in my eyes."
  • "Many people commented that the display was one of the best they had ever seen."
  • "To Pete, thank you so much for the wonderful firework display. It was one of the highlights of the evening and very much enjoyed by everyone. Also thanks to your helpers."
  • "Many thanks to you and your team, your fireworks were truly amazing and everyone has great things to say."
  • "We wanted to say thank you for putting on such a great display at our wedding. The fireworks were incredible and all of our guests loved them."
  • "Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Saturday, the display was AMAZING and a great finale to our event. We will definitely want to book you again."
  • "Thank you for the amazing firework display, it was brilliant and definitely got people talking."
  • "We thought fireworks at our wedding would be so wonderful as you did such an amazing display last time!"
  • "We just wanted to say what an amazing job you did for us on Saturday night. No-one has stopped talking about the display you did, it was huge and so professionally done. We were honestly expecting something half the size. We were completely taken aback by it."
  • "The fireworks were great and much better than the ones we have been using. Many thanks and see you again next year."
  • "Absolutely brilliant fireworks again!"
  • "The fireworks were a great success - the effects were superb and your service could not have been better."
  • "You delivered on everything you promised when we booked you - thank you so much for a wonderful display."


We would like to thank...

Lucy Halpin Photography for the superb photo's which we use. Lucy offers a wide range of photography services and you can find out more about Lucy Halpin Photography here: